Inquisitor Thoughts, Part Trois


Don’t know if these help at all, but just adding a few more anyway C:


1. What one thing does your Inquisitor always carry with themselves?

2. What are some of your Inquisitor’s good traits?

3. What are some of your Inquisitor’s bad traits?

4. Your Inquisitor’s greatest vulnerability or weakness?

5. What is your Inquisitor’s greatest accomplishment before the Inquisition?

6. What does your Inquisitor plan on doing after the Breach is fixed?

7. What is your Inquisitor’s motivation for leading the Inquisition?

8. What did your Inquisitor learn from their parents? Upbringing? Parental substitutes?

9. What does your Inquisitor consider their best characteristic?

10. What does your Inquisitor consider their worst characteristic?

11. What opinion/ideal does your Inquisitor hide from others and why?

12. Which companion does your Inquisitor admire and why?

13. How does your Inquisitor react to betrayal?

14, How does your Inquisitor react to loss?

15. Where was your Inquisitor born, and has this affected anything in particular?

16. What is your Inquisitor attracted to in a partner?

17. Is your Inquisitor’s name chosen for any specific reason? Does it mean anything?

18. What voice actor are you choosing for your Inquisitor and why?


I’m really not surprised that this turned adorable. I seem to have no other mode. Anywho, this is Edenprimes' wicked inquisitor Elijah.

I’m so sorry I tried. And I ended up leaving town for four days after I asked to do this.



I would pay good money for Bioware to release a video of voice acting bloopers

I think my personal favorite would be the time Susan Boyd (Wynne from DAO) was delivering a line in her typical, grandmotherly fashion… and then accidentally knocked over her water bottle and suddenly launched into a string of very decidedly non-grandmotherly expletives. Everyone in the booth laughed and laughed.

  #YES