Do u ever have to remind yourself that “headcanons” you think up for your own OCs are actually canon

Comments of the party after fighting themselves in the Gauntlet

  • Morrigan:Hmph. No doubt this had something to do with "facing the dark side of your soul" or some such rubbish.
  • Leliana:Did you see the cruelty on my... on her face? Is that really what I am?
  • Sten:This proves nothing. I have nothing to fear from shadows.
  • Oghren:*laughs* I can't believe I kicked my own ass!
  • Wynne:Well, I wasn't expecting that, and I certainly don't want to go through it again.
  • Alistair:That was... weird...
  • And then there is this guy, named Zevran:Maker's breath, I'm beautiful. Did you see that? Did you see me? Magnificent.
  • bosswrex:

    The thing I want most in Inquisition is the continuing trend of Sandal destroying legions of enemies offscreen

    TMI Tuesday.


    Because we all love inappropriate questions about our OCs.

  • me:ugh he is such a dorky little shit, he is literally a piece of trash and i cant stand his face
  • friend:so you hate him?
  • me:no hes my favorite character
  • God Only Knows
    Garry Schyman
    BioShock Infinite (OST)
    2,365 plays


    The barbershop quartet cover of 'God Only Knows' by The Beach Boys featured in Bioshock Infinite. Performed in-game by The Bee Sharps.


    this is everything I want their relationship to be

    I said I wasn’t going to do this… BUT THEY’RE JUST TOO CUTE

    I said I wasn’t going to do this… BUT THEY’RE JUST TOO CUTE

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