Also, I feel awful for anyone who didn’t get the romance they wanted. I know those who expressed their interest and then disappointment when their hopes were dashed, received a bunch of hate. I am so sorry that happened. That is not ok and no one should act cruelly towards you for your investment in that part of the game. Everyone has their reasons for enjoying a game whether they are the romance, gameplay, plot, etc and no one should make fun of you no matter your reason. Keep on feeling your excitement for the game because of whatever reason you have. Heck, be excited for the chance to throw bees at fools if none of the romances do it for you. Be awesome guys because you are awesome and your reason for liking this game doesn’t diminish that. You know what, it magnifies your awesomeness because it means you’re passionate about something and that is great.

Also, don’t go hating on the devs because they are people too and are receiving the same hate, not that all of you are hating on the devs. Be cool guys be cool.